Can I change my cover?

Published 18/03/2016 12.10 PM   |    Updated 07/06/2017 09.09 AM

Yes. Mortgage & Lifestyle Protection is designed to be flexible, so that you can change your cover as your personal or financial situation changes.

You can:

  • Add Mortgage Payment Protection, or Living Expenses Protection to your plan at any time
  • Increase or reduce your cover for either Mortgage Payment Protection or Living Expenses Protection
  • Change your waiting period
  • Change level cover to inflation-linked cover, or change inflation-linked cover to level cover on your Living Expenses Protection.
  • Remove unemployment cover

Normally any changes in your cover will depend on your health, and the occupation you have at the time you want to change your cover, as well as the Plan Conditions that apply at the time. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that you will be able to change your cover. In some circumstances you may be able to change your cover without having to provide us with details of your health. We’ve explained when you can do this in Section C2 of the Plan Conditions.

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