What is life Insurance and how does it work?

Published 18/03/2016 12.01 PM   |    Updated 07/06/2017 09.09 AM

LV= Life Insurance is designed to provide a one-off lump sum payment if you die before the end date of your plan.

Also, you can ask us to pay out on your plan if you're diagnosed with a terminal illness. However, we'll reduce the amount we pay you by 3%.

The cash could be used to pay off a mortgage or provide a lump sum to ease financial worries for your family.

It’s aimed at people who don’t drink a lot, don’t smoke a lot, and are generally healthy. Of course this doesn’t mean that you can’t apply if you aren’t healthy, do drink a lot, or smoke a lot, it just means that you may have to pay a higher premium or you may not be accepted for this plan.

You can apply for LV= Life Insurance either on-line or over the telephone.

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