When does my policy start and end?

Published 18/03/2016 11.57 AM   |    Updated 07/06/2017 09.09 AM

When you take out your policy the start date will be shown in your Policy Schedule.

It will end if we pay a death claim or a claim for a full payment condition. For children's cover and additional payment claims your cover will continue. If you’ve chosen to have more life cover than critical illness cover, and we pay a claim for a full payment condition, you will continue to be covered for the amount of extra life cover until the end date of your policy.

If a full payment claim isn't paid and you or we don't cancel your policy, it will end on the end date shown in your Policy Schedule.

Your policy must last for at least 5 years, and cannot last longer than 40 years.

Your policy must end before the person you are insuring reaches age 70.

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