What do I need to do for my travel insurance if I get a new medical condition or my health changes?

Published 18/03/2016 11.19 AM   |    Updated 14/09/2017 09.01 AM

You don't need to tell us about changes to anyone's health during the period of cover. For cover to apply, anyone travelling must be fit to travel and not travel against medical advice.

However, there is no cover for you to cancel or cut short a trip because of any follow up appointment or surgery relating to investigations or tests that you know are needed or happening when you book a trip. There's also no cover if you know you'll need medical treatment during your trip or if you're travelling specifically to get medical treatment.

If you have an annual multi-trip policy:

You must tell us about changes to your health before your policy renews. Just give us a call on 0800 707 6966.

At renewal we can't guarantee we'll be able to cover any new conditions. It's also possible that at renewal we may no longer be able to offer cover for pre-existing medical conditions that you've already told us about and we've previously covered. This is because our medical screening or underwriting rules may change. If this happens you'll be able to make a cancellation claim for any trips you have already booked.




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