Why doesn't home insurance cover wear and tear?

Published 18/03/2016 10.54 AM   |    Updated 31/08/2019 01.05 AM

Your home insurance isn't designed to cover the cost of maintaining your home - it's for one-off events like a storm, fire, flood or theft.

Home insurance doesn’t cover wear and tear. Your house, and the things you buy to make it a home, will all get bumps, scuffs and wear out from use over time.

For example, if your washing machine starts to make a funny rattle when it’s on the spin cycle, you won’t be able to claim for a new one.

Wear and tear also applies to the actual fabric of your house. For example, your roof can start leaking for a variety of reasons. The leak might just appear from nowhere - or something might happen and you notice the water coming in. You might assume that your insurance covers a leaky roof - but often your roof leak is due to wear and tear. This means you’d have to pay for any repairs.

You can prevent wear and tear from becoming a bigger problem by checking your home regularly. Use our interactive ‘Home MOT’ guide for ideas of how to stay on top of it.

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