Will I need to have certain types of locks or an alarm on my home?

Published 18/03/2016 10.54 AM   |    Updated 31/08/2019 01.05 AM

Some properties need more security features to protect you and us against loss. We let you know when you get a quote if we would need your home to have additional security features installed. You'll also find this information on your schedule of home insurance.

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If your schedule shows your home needs a certain level of security, we'll only provide cover for theft or attempted theft if the following security is used when your home is left unattended.

Your doors need to be secured with one of these four types of lock:

  1. Mortice deadlocks with at least five levers
  2. Locks to a minimum rating of British Standard BS3621
  3. Three point multi locking system (double glazed doors)
  4. Existing locks plus key operated locks fitted top and bottom


Window locks:

  • All your windows need to have key operated window locks



  • If we ask for an alarm, it needs to be (or have been) fitted by an NSI or SSAIB approved installer.


Don't worry if your home doesn't have the locks and alarms we need, we give you 28 days from the start date of your policy to get them installed.

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