Does being pregnant affect my travel insurance?

Published 30/09/2016 11.32 AM   |    Updated 31/08/2019 01.05 AM
You don’t need to let us know if you’re travelling while pregnant. Both our Essential and Premier policies will cover you if any unexpected complications occur as a result of your pregnancy or childbirth; however our travel insurance doesn't provide cover for routine medical care such as check ups, pre-natal care, normal childbirth and post natal care.

While you don’t need to let us know if you’ll be travelling while pregnant, many airlines won’t allow you to fly once you’re over a certain number of weeks pregnant and may want to see proof from your doctor that you are fit to fly. Please do check with your airline or tour operator before booking a trip or travelling to see if any restrictions apply. Our travel insurance doesn’t cover you to cancel a trip because of restrictions placed by an airline, tour operator / travel agent or other transport or accommodation provider. However, there is cancellation cover if you become pregnant after booking a trip (and taking out the insurance) and your doctor advises you not to travel.

If you're concerned about travelling because of the Zika virus and booked your trip and took out insurance before the virus was announced in the media as being a risk in the area you are travelling to, you can make a cancellation claim. More details can be found in our Zika virus FAQ here

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