Do you offer a backpacker travel insurance policy?

Published 28/09/2016 02.51 PM   |    Updated 14/03/2017 02.05 PM
Although we don't have a specific backpacker policy, LV= travel insurance is suitable for a backpacking holiday.

If you're under 65, our single trip policy covers trips up to 366 days long and can be bought up to one year in advance of the trip start date*. You can also add optional baggage, personal belongings and money cover to your policy too, in case your things get lost or stolen while you're away. *If you're 65 or over, we can cover trips up to 90 days. If you decide to return home before your cover end date, the cover will end.

If you're planning on making multiple backpacking trips in one year, returning home to the UK inbetween, our annual multi-trip policy would be more suitable as it can cover trips up to 90 days long so long as you select our Premier level of cover.

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