Will you fix my vehicle at the side of the road?

Published 18/03/2016 10.35 AM   |    Updated 30/04/2019 04.53 PM

We fix over 4 out of 5 cars* at the roadside to get you moving again. With our breakdown cover, if we're unable to fix your vehicle at the roadside  or it's unsafe to do so we'll tow it to a local repair centre or a destination of your choice within 10 miles.

If you choose a local repairer, you'll have to pay any repair costs directly to them. If you've purchased UK Recovery, UK Recovery & Home Assist or UK & European Assist cover and your vehicle can't be repaired by the end of the working day on which it broke down you'll be entitled to additional benefits to aid your onward journey. Please refer to the cover options for full details.

* 89.34% of customers were able to complete their journey, based on 110,915 jobs from Agent Performance Review Report. Oct '18- Mar '19





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