What is covered in a LV car insurance policy?

Published 20/07/2016 02.47 PM   |    Updated 14/03/2017 11.06 AM

Whether you add someone onto your car insurance for the life of the policy or for a short term period of time, some of the key features of the policy are highlighted below:

Accidental Damage (comprehensive cover) Cover included:

If your car and/or its accessories (including when kept in your garage) are damaged by accident, vandalism or malicious damage, we may:

  • pay for repairs to your car; or replace what is lost or damaged;
  • or pay the market value of your car at the time of the damage.

When you accept our payment, your car becomes our property, unless we agree otherwise.

Legal liability cover (comprehensive cover) Cover included:

Following a claim under this policy, we'll pay your reasonable legal costs and expenses relating to solicitors' fees for representation at a coroner’s inquest, fatal accident inquiry or court of summary jurisdiction; and defence of any legal proceedings for manslaughter or causing death by dangerous or reckless driving.

In assessing whether legal costs and expenses are reasonable the following will be considered: the level of experience required of the legal representation taking into account the nature of the case;

  • the level of costs charged by the legal representative;
  • whether legal representation for a defence of a prosecution is likely to affect the outcome.
  •  Emergency medical treatment We’ll pay for emergency medical treatment required under the Road Traffic Acts, following an accident in your car.

If this is the only payment we make, it won't affect your no claim discount entitlement.

Personal Accident (comprehensive cover) Cover included:

We'll pay the amount shown on your schedule if you or your partner are injured in your car or getting into or out of your car, and within 90 days, independently of any other cause, if the injury results in:

  • death;
  • permanent loss of any limb above the wrist or ankle; or
  • the complete and irrecoverable loss of sight in one or both eyes.

We'll pay the injured person or their legal representative.

We won't pay for:

  • more than the amount shown on your schedule during any one period of cover;
  • any injury or death resulting from suicide or attempted suicide;
  • any injuries if the driver of your car is convicted of an alcohol or drugs related offence as a result of the accident; or
  • anyone failing to wear a seat belt when required by law.

For full details about what is covered, make sure you read your car insurance policy document before you decide to purchase additional cover.

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